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Powered by the sun, our lawn mowers completely cut out emissions and quietly trim your grass to a healthy length. They are also incredibly quiet! Do you hate the sound of whirring engines in your yard? This type of noise pollution can actually damage your hearing while also releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Lawn mowing in Omaha from Clean Air Lawn Care is the clear alternative to traditional lawn care equipment, and an obvious solution for those who care about their carbon footprint. Local owner Geoff services Benson, Maplewood Hills, Wedgewood, Candlewood, and Orchard Park Nebraska with clean, organic lawn care. Give him a call to start getting lawn care the sustainable way.

Mowing Can Be Clean And Quiet

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Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careMowing The Lawn With Zero Pollution, Zero Emissions

During smaller Omaha lawn mowing jobs we use our solar-powered push mowers, while bigger lawns might require equipment powered by bio-diesel fuel. When our equipment is charging back at the shop, we supply its energy with wind power. Whatever your needs for grass cutting services in Omaha, the team at Clean Air Lawn Care Omaha is committed to producing zero pollution and helping your lawn reach a whole new level of healthy.

Maybe our approach to lawn mowing in Omaha isn’t the easiest, but it’s definitely the cleanest, the quietest, and the healthiest. And that’s something we’re very proud of.

Conventional gas mowers are a blight on the community and on the world at large. They spew hydrocarbons at will and blast the roaring of their motors into the ears of everyone nearby. According to the EPA, 54 million lawn mowers cause these problems every week.

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careWhy Conventional Lawn Mowing in Omaha Is Not Clean

Every day, gas mowers waste resources, damage eardrums, and spew pollution.

According to the EPA, in 1 hour, 1 gas lawn mower: pollutes the same as 40 late model cars, emits the same amount of hydrocarbons (precursors to ground-level ozone) as a SUV driven 23,600 miles, and contribute 93 times more smog-forming emissions that 2006 cars.


  • Noises over 90 decibels cause hearing damage. Most gas lawn mowers produce 100 decibels of sound.
  • 580 millions of gasoline are guzzled by gas mowers annually.
  • Typically, grass clippings from a mowing are sent directly to overflowing landfills (up to 300 pounds annually for 1000 square foot lawn). We compost our trimmings and use some of them for lawn treatment services.
  • Mowing at an improper height can waste water, promote weed growth, and burn your grass.
  • Synthetic fertilizers can be a health hazard for children, deplete organic soil matter, and leach into waterways.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Clean, Quiet And Renewable Lawn Mowing

  • Electric mowers emit 3,300 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers.
  • Emissions are reduced to zero when run on renewable energy.
  • Electric equipment is 50 – 70% quieter than gas-powered lawn equipment.

If you feel like enough is enough—it’s time to truly care for your lawn—call the team at Clean Air Lawn Care for grass cutting services in Omaha.