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Yard Clean Up Omaha

During the spring and fall, yards fill up with debris like dead leaves and overgrown plants, keeping your lawn from thriving in the mid-temperature seasons. When this happens, the team at Clean Air Lawn Care in Omaha is here with complete yard maintenance services, powered completely by solar energy. And just like you never hear the loud whir of an engine in our lawn mowers, our leaf blowers and other cleanup equipment are all electric, producing half the noise of traditional machines.

A “Clean” Yard Clean-up Every Time

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Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careYard Clean-up After Each Mow

Every time we mow your lawn, we clean up afterward. Any lingering debris that won’t benefit your yard is hauled out to composting plants. Later in the year, we’ll reapply composting materials during spring and fall lawn care in Omaha to complete the cycle and help your lawn remain luscious. By ensuring your lawn’s cleanliness after every mowing, we’re helping it thrive through every holiday, backyard barbecue, and doggie playdate.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Omaha Spring Lawn Care

The Clean Air Lawn Care “Grassmasters” will run through a checklist of duties when the weather starts to warm. Each of these yard maintenance actions in Omaha will give your lawn with the love it needs to be a summer oasis.

  • Trim and prune damaged and dead branches.
  • Maintain perennials by cutting back and dividing foliage.
  • Complete a spring weeding session.
  • Take yard waste away to compost plant.
  • Clean debris from hardscape surfaces like walkways and driveways.
  • Tidy all plant beds and gardening boarders.
  • Determine if any areas of lawn are damaged by winter weather, prep these areas for seeding.
  • Apply organic fertilizer and watch the lawn go green!

Did we miss anything? Whatever your yard maintenance needs in Omaha, we’re on top of them.

Organic Leaf that represents organic lawn care.Omaha Fall Lawn Care

When the weather starts to cool, that doesn’t mean your lawn gets ignored. Backyard games of football, after-school play dates, and trick-or-treating photo shoots await! A neglected lawn covered in leaves will suffer during winter weather. But with the team of Clean Air Lawn Care on your side with fall lawn care in Omaha, there’s no need to fret! We’ll make sure the following tasks get done to prepare your yard for chillier temperatures.

  • Rake away dead leaves and transport to the compost bins.
  • Cut back dead branches and lingering debris and remove them from yard.
  • Remove hiding places for slugs and other pests by trimming the perennials.
  • Clean out pesky weeds and remove old annuals before they drop more seeds.
  • Apply mulch coating to lawn made from grass clippings and chopped leaves.
  • Complete lawn treatment with fresh, all organic fertilizer.

No matter the season, you can trust in the team at Clean Air Lawn Care in Omaha for complete yard maintenance and the healthiest grass in town!